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Starting Medicare...
Feeling confused?

No Worries!
You're not the only one!

Newly eligible Medicare Beneficiaries often have a difficult time figuring things out at the beginning. The Government may have tried to make it simple with the letters like A, B, C & D yet oftentimes it turns into alphabet soup as you try to make sense between all the commercials, phone calls and other advertisements.

The insane volume of mail being delivered from the postal service certainly doesn't help people make sense of it all either!

It is not uncommon for clients to have a whole box of mail sitting in the corner of their kitchen that they've received when they start asking for our help to identify which things should be kept or tossed out.

medicare insurance card
Get your Red, White, & Blue Medicare Card from Social Security

Medicare as Primary Insurance

Transitioning to Medicare as your primary insurance can feel like a massive task because it’s all completely new. Don't worry! It’s a simple process when you know the right steps to take. Our website has most of the information that you need to ensure a smooth enrollment into Medicare while avoiding any possible penalties.

The most important part to understand is that you can only enroll in Original Medicare Parts A & B with your local Social Security office or online. Every other part of Medicare that you may enroll into, including Medicare supplemental insurance plans and Medicare Part D must done directly with a licensed insurance agency or broker. We believe that insurance brokers that can navigate all of the companies simultaneously are the optimal choice for ensuring that you choose the right plan for you.

For those that are already collecting Social Security... Congratulations!

The government will automatically enroll you in both parts of Medicare.
If not, you'll need to handle the enrollment yourself.

We believe that the best way to get started is to get someone on your side by working with a licensed insurance broker.
That's us! Our service is FREE and helps saves time and money.
Plus, once we're connected we'll always available for your questions.


Here's the simple steps!

  • Learn the Basics
    • Complete our 6-Step Simple Medicare Startup training course
    • Or you can enroll in one of our weekly webinars
  • Is it the right time to transition to Medicare?
    • Determine your eligibility and avoid possible penalties
  • Understand cost of Medicare
    • Prepare yourself for what you will be paying
  • Review Coverage Options
    • Figure out which Supplemental Insurance coverage is right for you
  • Apply for Medicare
    • Visit your local Social Security office or do it online
  • Get your Medicare Card
    • Verify your Red, White & Blue Card has the correct dates
    • If Medicare is your primary you must have Part A & Part B
  • Setup Medicare Part D
    • Get your prescription plan setup
  • Review Coverage Annually
    • Ensure you're getting the most insurance for your situation at the best price

I'm working with Employer Insurance - What do I do?

The retirement age of 65 was set so long ago that people are not only living much longer but contining to work past 65. The steps you need to take will likely be different if you are still working at 65 so there are different decisions you'll need to make.

Will you be coordinating benefits by keeping your employer coverage and enrolling in Medicare as well? Maybe it's more cost effective for you to leave that employer coverage and setup Medicare as your primary insurance and add a Medicare supplement?

These answers depend on different factors, such as how much you're paying vs. what your employer is contributing, the size of your employer or maybe you're just unhappy with the benefits. You need to understand your options. Contact us today!

Common Starting Medicare Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked each day and their answers about getting your Medicare started.

What age does Medicare start?

Medicare normally starts when you turn 65.  Specifically, you will be eligible to receive your Medicare benefits on the first day of the month in which you 65, unless your birthday falls on the 1st and then you'll start your benefits the 1st of the previous month.  This will begin whether or not you are already collecting Social Security benefits.

Is it required to go on Medicare at 65?

No, but if you enroll late there are significant life-time penalties unless you have other creditable medical coverage, like from a large employer.

How do I enroll into Medicare?

You can always go to Social Security website and enroll online. The entire process takes about 10 minutes. Social Security offers you a quick online application for Medicare. Alternatively, you may make an appointment with your local Social Security office but they will only be able to enroll you in Parts A & B. You will need to work with a licensed insurance agent or broker to enroll in your supplemental plan and prescription drug coverage.