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Know the Rates

Simple Senior Care will help you instantly compare Medicare supplements from 30+ insurance companies. With some of these plans you’ll have no co-pays, no deductibles and no surprises so your cost of healthcare becomes completely predictable.

We'll review all of the current prices, and also take a look at the historical rate increases which may help estimate cost of time as well as the financial solvency of the insurer.

A Simple Senior Care expert licensed in your state will contact you to review the information that we send on your customized quote. We offer exemplary, zero-hassle service to help you compare all of your supplemental plan options.

Understand the Benefits

Medicare supplemental plans help provide coverage to pay for the things that Medicare doesn’t, like deductibles and co-pays that Original Medicare doesn't cover. Some plans allow you to see any doctor, any hospital, anywhere in the country that accept Medicare.

Clients often find that it’s not as easy as they thought it would be to compare all of the plans... That's where we are the most helpful!  Use us as a completely free resource to figure out what's the best supplemental plan for you!

Compare your Options Today!

Let Simple Senior Care help you compare the Medicare supplement plans so you can find the right coverage for you! Call today!